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Full Membership 2024 (Switzerland, Germany, Netherland, UAE)

CHF 200.00 / year

The Annual Membership 2024 gives you the right to attend any regular event during the rest of the year 2023 in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands or UAE. Until the end of 2024, we are planning at least a few events in each location. This is an early promotion, so if you acquire the membership now in 2023, it will become active immediately and last until the end of 2024. Once acquired, the membership is neither refundable, nor transferable, and will be automatically renewed by Jan 1, 2025 to Full Annual Membership for 2025 (at a regular price of 200 Swiss Francs), therefore please check all details attentively and agree to these conditions before completing your purchase.


Original price was: CHF 35.00.Current price is: CHF 25.00.

Online tickets are available only until 15:00 CET time (Zurich, Switzerland) on the day of the event. To support the ecosystem of discipline and high-quality curation, the price of the ticket will go up in the last 48 hours before the start of the event and no refunds or transfers to other participants will be allowed.