About Us

Making the world a better place is the primary social cause of our community

Looking through the prism of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could be a great way to help demonstrate our commitment to the goals we deeply care about. More specifically, SDGs 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, and 17 are the ones that make the core of our values.

Who are We?

“The Social” is the first global high-quality networking community dedicated to curated networking for intellectuals. Once a member, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy our ambassadors taking you on a networking spree through a series of periodic events, organized especially to give you a continuous opportunity to meet new and useful people in your life, both locally and globally. Founded in 2013 in Switzerland, “The Social” has quickly grown its presence to 50+ cities in 15 different countries across all continents. Switzerland remains the heart of the international organization, which coordinates a team of volunteer ambassadors developing their respective local communities.

Here are a few welcome messages from some of our ambassadors:

Sandro Rusconi

Head Ambassador in LUGANO, Switzerland

Life is too precious to not use every moment attempting to build new relationships of all kinds! We help you do it in the most efficient and fun manner, without awkwardness or discomfort, based on best practices of networking and curated introductions.

Tatiana Vogt

Head Ambassador in Zug, Switzerland

Do you find it sometimes difficult to meet new interesting people? Our ambassadors ensure that your new connections keep coming in! During the events, we introduce to you each new contact with a relevant common interest, staging a smooth beginning of a successful relationship.

Charlotte de Brabandt

Head Ambassador in New York, USA

If you just moved to a new city or woke up from a long period of no new people in your life, “The Social” can be a really useful resource – we take you on an unforgettable ride of enlarging your social circle from zero to a healthy number of new and meaningful people.

Sulya Jefferies

Head ambassador in Dubai, UAE

Be that in a restaurant, a bar, a club, a beach, or even on the go, traveling – networking could be done everywhere! At “The Social”, we care about your story and create quality opportunities to spotlight you to a suitable connection, helping you progress through your socialization seamlessly.

Svetlana Dotsenko

Head Ambassador in Berlin, Germany

Searching for meaningful connections can be time consuming if there is no access to a constant flow of new people. Ambassadors at “The Social” make every introduction relevant, creating an unprecedented value added to building a network of people that you actually like.

Elisa Lanzi

Ambassador in Zurich and Lugano, Switzerland

Technology, social media, forms and resumes can be useful, but the human being, as a social animal, has not changed. Now more than ever, getting involved and introducing yourself to others leads to unique and valuable connections and also allows us to be the authentic selves that we are. Don’t worry about being embarrassed. Socialization is a skill that requires practice.

Athaniel G. Rabie

Ambassador in Zurich, Switzerland

Best relationships start with a correct first impression. And what could be a better first impression than the one carefully engineered by a networking expert? Our ambassadors enjoy assisting you to surround yourself with the right crowd and to take advantage of the opportunities that arise out of it!

Alesia Kabutkina

Ambassador in GENEVA, Switzerland

At “The Social”, curation is the success factor of every opportunity: not only we curate introductions, but we also continuously curate event topics and invite speakers, providing an additional base to connect on. Attending a few events should be enough for you to see all the benefits of our method.