Networking Event in Zurich 29.02.2024

Physical networking event in Zurich on Feb 29. 

Speaker: Oliver Durrer, Expert in Innovation, Intrapreneurship & Impact; Founder of SwissLEAP 
Theme: Intrapreneurship to inspire innovation with impact 
Location: Coffee shop near Paradeplatz 

As a Swiss global citizen, Oliver has 20+ years of experience as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, with large enterprises, SMB and startups in Europe, Asia and the US, across a broad range of roles and sectors. Being a Strategic Sparring Partner, Business Coach and Innovation Mentor to purpose-driven pioneers from education, food and fintech, via healthcare to insurance, Oliver connects innovation and investor ecosystems. Theory and practice are connected through his work as a university lecturer. Building (corporate) startups and innovation units, Oliver grew new business from start-up to scale-up. Driving digital transformation, catalyzing entrepreneurship, organizational learning and innovation culture, combining design thinking with lean startup and agile methods. Last, but not least, Oliver led multicultural teams to award-winning performance.