Networking Event in Zurich 25.07.2023

Physical networking event in Zurich on July 25. 

Speakers: Manuel Brändli & Rayén Oberholzer 
Theme: Free of money, finally happy? What really happens 
Location: art beyond space / La Fraise Gallery, Müllerstrasse 36, 8004 Zürich 

With a newborn daughter in arms, Manuel and Rayén left their old heart project and home, the House of Transformation in Zurich, three months ago. They turned down a two million investment in our new startup, emptied their bank accounts to zero, and set off on a money-free journey into the unknown to confront the big issues of life with full force. What moved them? The question of what life is REALLY about. Their mission? To be there fully for their daughter, to do our work beyond the pressure to perform and succeed, and to open up radically new perspectives for ourselves and for humanity regarding money, success, relationships and the meaning of life. Their journey is accompanied by Swiss national television. May it inspire and move people to become more... real.