Networking Event in Zurich 24.10.2023

Physical networking event in Zurich on October 24. 

Speaker: Tzippy Yanai, HealthTech Innovator 
Theme: Unlocking access to diagnostics: Bridging the healthcare gap 
Location: art beyond space / La Fraise Gallery, Müllerstrasse 36, 8004 Zürich 

Tzippy is building a company that combines advanced imaging services with a significant social impact component, the mission being to make such services accessible and remove barriers to promote local health care. Being part of a community that prioritizes corporate social impact provides an excellent platform to effect real change. With a background in project management and process design, Tzippy has learned the importance of providing complete and accurate responses without creating new bottlenecks, with the goal to provide advanced imaging services to underserved communities, to strengthen healthcare facilities, and to improve overall healthcare outcomes.