Networking Event in Zurich 16.11.2022

Physical networking event in Zurich on November 16.

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Diemers, Co-Founder SNGLR Group & Metaverse Futurist
Theme: Metaverse - Fake, Fad or Future

Location: Famo Restaurant, Talstrasse 20, 8001 Zurich
Time: Nov 16, 18:00 CET

Being Co-Founder and Partner at SNGLR Group, an innovative deep tech company, Daniel focuses on exponential technologies such as AI, blockchain, longevity, smart mobility/smart cities. Formerly Partner, Financial Services, at Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company, Booz Allen Hamilton), MD Switzerland and Head Blockchain EMEA. He has been serving clients in the financial services industry in developing successful growth strategies. His industry expertise covers retail and wholesale banking, private banking/ wealth management, consumer finance and insurance. Focus topics are growth strategies, market entry/ regional expansion, digital innovation/ FinTech/ Blockchain, operating model optimization, innovation strategy, and risk & regulatory. 2x entrepreneur with startup on artificial intelligence (early warning system based on intelligent software agents) and print-on-demand. During his academic years, he has worked on collaborative, technology-enabled business models for knowledge management and early warning systems, and, more generally, on the social impact of new media, publishing his own books and articles, while speaking at conferences in Europe and the USA.