Networking Event in Zurich 15.08.2023

Physical networking event in Zurich on August 15. 

Speaker: Svivangi Walke, TEDx Speaker, Executive Coach, Master Trainer, CEO 
Theme: Yes, Charisma is learnable: Challenging notions of innate talent in communication skills 
Location: art beyond space / La Fraise Gallery, Müllerstrasse 36, 8004 Zürich 

Besides being a TEDx Speaker, Executive Coach and Master trainer, Shivangi is also a founder of the vibrant non-profit "Thrive with Mentoring". Shivangi has trained, and coached leaders and leadership teams in over 40 countries for organizations like Google, Airbus, Johnson & Johnson, Syngenta, Roche, and Pfizer. She has inspired thousands of people globally through her non-profit Thrive with Mentoring and through her key notes and speaking most recently at TEDxBasel. Through her short talk, Shivangi will enable us to understand why charisma is essential for effective communication and building influential connections in various aspects of life, how unlocking the key insights and strategies can help anyone develop and enhance their charisma, as well as she will share practical techniques and actionable tips to cultivate your charisma and enhance your communication skills.