Networking Event in Zurich 08.06.2023

Dear Socialites in Switzerland, 

We are happy to invite you to our next physical networking event in Zurich on June 8. 

Speaker: Andrea Bianchi, Intrapreneurship Programs Expert 
Theme: From Ideas to Impact: The Power of Intrapreneurship in Corporate Innovation 
Location: Coffee shop near Paradeplatz 

The event will take place at 8:00am in the morning in a friendly environment near Paradeplatz, where each guest will be able to get their own light breakfast (usually coffee and croissants), at their own cost. 

Intrapreneurship is a powerful tool for driving bottom-up innovation within larger organizations, combining the resources of a corporation with an entrepreneurial mindset. Join us for an engaging talk and discussion where we delve into the key principles of building a successful intrapreneurship culture and common pitfalls to avoid. Through insightful case studies, we will explore real-world examples of organizations that have effectively embraced intrapreneurship to foster innovation and drive growth.

Andrea is a program manager at Kickstart Innovation, Switzerland's leading open innovation platform, where he focuses on driving the Intrapreneurship Program. As a generalist in the field of innovation, he focuses on sharing his experience and guiding early-stage projects. Drawing from his background in philosophy, Andrea always contextualizes innovation within broader perspectives to ensure reflection and deliver enduring value.

Please register on our official website - the-social.com - in order to ensure your participation. Clicking "Attend" on linkedin is not enough.

When you register, in the “Comment” field please include your full and real name, surname, email address, and one short sentence stating why you might be interesting to the general audience of intellectuals to meet and get to know. Our ambassadors will utilize this information to facilitate networking introductions during the event. Without sharing this information, your networking experience will be suboptimal.

Your Ambassadors team,
“The Social” in Zurich


CHF 10.00

Online tickets are available only until 07:00am CET time (Zurich, Switzerland) on the day of the event. To support the ecosystem of discipline and high-quality curation, even though this is a temporary promotion ticket that is free of charge, we kindly ask you to respect the organizers’ and members’ time and in case of cancellations, let us know via contact us form on this website at least 24 hours in advance.