Networking Event in Dubai 25.04.2023

Networking event in Dubai on April 25. 

Speaker: Kolja A. Rafferty, Investment Banker, Strategy Consultant, Management Coach 
Theme: Sink or swim - the paratropper mindset 
Location: Garth Restaurant & Cafe, Mall Of Emirates, Ground Floor of the Kempinski Hotel, 459W+9P Dubai 

In situations of crisis and uncertain markets, a cool head and a calm hand are essential. Yet, extreme stress deteriorates our rational decision making abilities. Research shows, depending on coping strategies of the management some companies survive crisis, stronger than they were before, while others fail. Companies are constantly challenged to adjust to changing market conditions. Lessons learned from military and first responders are useful also for companies, challenged by uncertainty.

Kolja is an international executive, certified Non-Executive Director and turnaround specialist. He is passionate about addressing complex and critical challenges in corporate transformation and helping companies to reach the next level. As managing partner of Leverage Experts (Middle East) LLC, he is heading the operations of the prestigious Swiss boutique consultancy in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, to his consulting and executive duties, Kolja serves as an executive coach, keynote speaker and author on corporate transformation, leadership, and governance in the GCC and Europe. Before his career in Strategy Consultancy and Investment Banking, Kolja served as commissioned officer in a paratroopers battalion. Kolja holds MBA, CTP and IDP-C.