Networking Event in Dubai 12.09.2023

Dear Socialites in the UAE, 

We are happy to invite you to our next physical networking event in Dubai on September 12. 

Speaker: Tyrus Kamau, Cyber Security Consultant and Digital Transformation Expert 
Theme: Cybersecurity - the good, the bad and the ugly 
Location: Double Decker Lounge (1st floor), Swissôtel Al Murooj, 672H+W2, Dubai 

Tyrus is a cybersecurity professional with over 13 years of experience in various sectors including public, private and NGO. He’s been involved in various national projects across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His specialization revolves around Governance, Risk and Compliance, National Cybersecurity Strategies, Research and Development. 

At "The Social", Tyrus will engage our members in an open conversation about how cybersecurity has several good aspects for business, but also has an ugly side which is mostly under reported. He will be sharing case studies about incidents which have cost organizations millions in losses and fines. To conclude, he will elaborate on how organizations can buy into addressing these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by cybersecurity. 

The entry fee for this physical event is ~100 AED (the exact amount will be converted from 25 Swiss Francs at the time of purchase) including a welcome drink (late-bird price will increase to ~150 if booked less than 48 hours until the start of the event). 

Please make sure you register on our website to secure your spot! Clicking "Attend" on the Linkedin page or other social media websites is not sufficient for the confirmation. 

During the registration process, please include your full and real name, surname, email address, and one short sentence stating why you might be interesting to the general audience of intellectuals to meet and get to know. This information is visible only to our ambassadors, who will utilize it to facilitate networking introductions during the event. Without sharing this information, your networking experience will be suboptimal. 

Your Ambassadors team, 
"The Social" in Dubai 


CHF 35.00

Online tickets are available only until 15:00 GMT+4 (Dubai, UAE) on the day of the event. To support the ecosystem of discipline and high-quality curation, the price of the ticket will go up in the last 48 hours before the start of the event and no refunds or transfers to other participants will be allowed.